Student Portfolio

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs, Bryce Smith + Quinn Robertson, 2019
Level: Junior; Course: Video Art; Project: Site-Specific Public Projection

This World, Hunter Way, 2019
Level: Sophomore; Course: ART 482 VideoArt (special topics); Project: Found Footage Remix Project

Black Mirror, David Noel, 2017
Level: Senior; ART 453: Digital Media, Project: Motion Design Title (Re)Intro

Maybe I'm Obsolete Like the Crow, Austin Creel
Level: Senior; Course: Art 453: Advanced Digital Media; Project: Video Compositing/Motionpoem Project

(source poem: "Maybe I'm Obsolete Like the Crow" by poet Penelope Schott)
We Call This New Place Home, AustinCreel, 2018
Level: Junior; Course: ART 453; Project: Spatial Montage Remix

art_1.exe, Kadin Tooley
Level: Sophomore; Course: ART 480: Video Art (special topics course); Project: Final Project: Post-Internet Art

Vannah Henry, Garden, 2019
Level: Senior; Course: ART 482 VideoArt; Project: Found Footage Remix Project

Sa-Rai Robinette, In Pursuit of Authenticity, 2018
Performance for Video Project, ART 480 Video Art

WV All Stars (Intro for the West Virginia Stem and the Arts Film Festival)
Gavin Grizzle, Heath Holley, Hunter Way, Michael Olson
ART 454 Designing for Multimedia, Project: Creative MoGraph for Non-Profit

Not ASMR, Sai-Rai Robinette, 2018
Level: Junior; Course: ART 480 Video Art; Project: Performance for Video Project,

Bob Dylan, Knocking on Heaven's Door, Lily Jurskis, 2018
Level: Freshman; Course: ART 219: Time (Intro to Video); Project: Found Footage Music Video for a U.S. Protest Song

Time, Kelsea Helmick, 2019
Level: Senior; Course: Video Art; Project: Time (Select an essay from Between Stillness and Motion: Film, Photography, Algorithms, ed. Eivind Rossaak and create a moving image work that embodies an exploration of form based on the essay)

actual size of things 2.0, Seamus White, 2016
Level: Junior, Course: Web + Screen
Project: Create an interactive website using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript