We Were There; Here's Proof is an installation of hacked slide projectors that illuminate the gallery space with empty blocks of light. They are programmed to randomly forward and reverse between empty slots of their slide carousels.

(4 slide projectors, Arduino, relay board, hacked projector remotes, found nightstand)

This work was created to play the role of an anonymous sculpture inside of the experiential film, Untitled (Selections from The Permanent Collection), part of a collaborative mixed-reality video project from Mobile Experiential Cinema (mobileexperientialcinema.com), a collaborative platform for immersive mixed reality media projects and with Ben Moren (benmoren.com). The film takes to task the language and various modes of presentation within the contemporary gallery context.

Untitled (Selections from The Permanent Collection) was commissioned by curators John Marks and David Petersen for the 2013 Minnesota Biennial at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis MN.