Underground Sound is a sound enhanced sculpture commissioned by the Minnesota Arboretum for their summer seasonal public art series, themed DIRT in 2012. The artwork was imagined in response the landscape of Minnesota, as well as the title of the exhibition, in order to direct attention to the complexity of the Earth's crust.

The primary, flower-like sculptures act as "listening posts", creating a delivery system for the meandering public to listen to sound compositions. The compositions use recorded source materials ranging from cracking ice, burrowing insects, and the subsonic sound waves of earthquakes, all part of the cycles involved in the creation of soil. The compositions were created by collaborator/composer Ryan Wurst.

The sculptures were 3D modeled in Rhinoceros before being CNC routed in layers. They were then assembled to create a mold for fabricating in fiberglass. Audio amps were buried on site to loop the audio compositions to each of the listening posts throughout the summer.

A collaboration with Ryan Wurst.