This project responds to the cyclical nature of economic development and the ways it favors profits over quality of life, particularly in relationship to the dismantling of the Twin City Rapid Transit Company and the reassembly of the new 2013 light rail central corridor line in Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN. It’s an investigation into the many other instances, where private greed and economic “progress” has been prioritized over the individual lives of people in that path. The model train, cyclical by nature, has half of its track obscured with a tunnel, made porous with the constellations of the northern sky, as a representation of night/day illuminating and revealing the cycle. Small cameras vary the vantage point of the viewer and magnify the perspectives of the possible participants onto the storefront window. This project demonstrates a taking back of control using simple technologies to illuminate the redundancy of the patterned behavior of power and economic resources. Taking advantage of this storefront window, the project’s aim is to sell a different idea to both those in power, politically or economically, as well as those daily citizens that have felt the brunt of these changes.

Collaboration with Ben Moren

Taken for a Ride