The interactive, solar powered public artwork was inspired by natural processes found in the world, all of which are dependent on the power of the sun. Considering the effects of wind, gravity, evaoration and more, solarsonicinfinitysystem mimics a hive-like structure where the sun activates solar powered circuits each day. The more powerful the sun is, the more active the sculpture. The sculpture is suspended from bamboo that has custom programmed embedded circuits that are also powered by solar but are programmed to activate sounds randomly - these sounds were designed to mimic insect sounds found in nature (cicada, crickets, etc.) Ultimately, the sculpture is intended to remind us of the interconnectedness of energy with natural processes of the world and the futility of technology to control nature.

This commission was a collaboration with the Bakken Museum's Inventors Club, where Students gain hands-on experience with science, technology, engineering and math while collaborating on the creation of a significant public artwork - basically a program for bright young folks to get hands on experience with creative problem solving using circuitry and coding. I facilitated ideation sessions, materials, design and production while mentor John King focused on circuit development and coding instruction.

This project was commissioned by the Bakken Museum, a unique museum focusing on the relationship between electricity and the natural world. The project was installed on the green roof of the Museum throughout the summer and fall of 2104.