See/Hear, 2014

See/Hear is an interactive and participatory light installation that dynamically reflects and expands the pursuits within the Music Department at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. Permanently installed in 2014, the project continues to expand by design - students are invited to record their own music and contribute their own musical discoveries from the course of their study to an archive of sounds that drive a modern version of an LED equalizer sound spectrum analyzer.

Budget: $31,000
- Covered all design, fabrication, construction and installation expenses associated with the project.

- electronic controllers, custom software, Aluminum, acrylic, RGB LEDs, HD display, audio equipment

Programming: Ray Kampmeier
Studio Assistant: Zoë Tomasello
Project Assistant: Amanda King
Aluminum fabrication: SignMinds

Special thanks to:
Kelsey Schwartzrock
Jason Vanselow
Melissa Bergstrom
Sumanth Gopinath
Ben Janssens
Ben Moren