Secret City is a mobile experiential cinema cellphone excursion for two people which combines elements of film, theater, and sound into a mysterious noir story that unfolds throughout Lowertown, St.Paul, Minnesota. Participants are invited to find a partner and then use their mobile phones to journey through a hidden narrative surrounding the historic Union Depot train station. Two phone numbers are called simultaneously that turn the participants into explorers of their local streets and alleys, searching to unravel a story while a voice on the other end of the line describes every step they take, direct every turn and instruct them to reach out and touch the world around them. This exploration unfolds throughout the Secret City, where you are absorbed into a noir story that reluctantly reveals its secrets.

A stranger gives you a small card with an unfamiliar phone number written on the back, instructing you to call it. You find a quiet place and dial the number. A lone voice on the other end of your phone speaks, describing the room you are in as if they’re standing right next to you. The voice instructs you to get up, walk out the door, and enter into the Secret City. Follow carefully. You are the only one that can unravel your story.

The project was commissioned by and premiered during the 2013 Northern Spark Festival.

Secret City is a Mobile Experiential Cinema project, an ongoing collaboration with Ben Moren.