Mobile Experiential Cinema: The Parade premiered during Minneapolis' 2012 all night Nuit Blanche, Northern Spark

Mobile Experiential Cinema is a roving, storytelling platform that combines mobility, filmmaking, public projection, live theater action, and sound. The most recent version, The Parade, which follows a kidnapping narrative, invites a group of cyclists to meet and progress on a bike ride through the city following a predetermined path that supports the plot points of the story. Audience members are instructed to periodically stop and view short episodic film segments that are projected onto urban structures. Between each of the segments, the audience is confronted with live theatrical actions that blur the borders between the filmic story and material reality. The Parade presents key story elements via the projections, while other supporting live action elements include the live kidnapping of an audience member, a money and hostage exchange, planted artifacts, and live phone calls from key characters in the story. By combining all of these elements, MEC’s aim is to create an expanded, cinematic world where a meandering audience can be fully immersed.

Presented by and Northern Spark Festival with support from MAW Collective. A collaboration with Ben Moren. Documentation by Zachary Nelson and Charlotte Ferguson.

Co-Written by Daniel Dean, Keanan Faruq and Ben Moren
Kidnapper #1 - Paul Stucker
Kidnapper #2 - Caleb Carlson
Kidnappee - Ben Gansky
Woman - Nicole Mills-Novoa
Camera - Daniel Dean and Ben Moren
Editing - Daniel Dean and Ben Moren
Post-production - Ben Moren

MEC short documentation
MEC proposal illustration
MEC Teaser