proposed for summer - 2014

LakeForms is an interactive public pavilion that invites residents and visitors to Minneapolis into to relax, explore and learn about Minneapolis’s urban lakes. The pavilion is a digitally enhanced scale model of the lakes’ underwater topography. The individual lake topographies have been inverted and joined together to create a single sweeping, curvilinear form that will be a striking and innovative architectural presence in Minneapolis. Using custom-built “smart buoys” deployed in the lakes to gather data, the interior of the pavilion is transformed into an information rich environment, featuring a light display and soundscape about the lake’s ecology and summer use. Visitors will have a chance to physically relax upon and enter a rendition of the city’s urban lakes, which are the city’s heart and illustrates the city’s symbiotic relationship to nature.

This proposal was in response to an RFP for a temporary public installation by the City of Minneapolis-.

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Team Futures North
Futures North is a collaborative design+build team comprised of Adam Marcus, Daniel Dean, John Kim, and Molly Reichert. These principal collaborators have broad experience with projects that involve parametric design in 3-D modeling, digital fabrication technologies, the development of custom technologies for installation and performance, collaboration, and constructing large-scale interior and exterior interactive projects for major museums, gallery spaces and commission-based public art exhibitions. Each has negotiated the complex process of collaborating with various clients, users and other stakeholders to realize the most engaging solutions for each design+build experience.