Fluid is a kinetic sculpture that attempts, and pitifully fails, to articulate the physics of undulating waves of water. Inspired by the massive Rainy Lake that splits the watery border between the US and Canada, this kinetic sculpture speaks to the human impulse to capture and carry away the images and impressions of natural phenomena encountered in the world and how often that process fails. It also embodies the impulse to employ technology in this effort, an effort that creates simulations of our experiences. These are always poor translations - but this is okay, as we are always in a process of translating one thing or idea to another. We use various media - language, images and sound to communicate our ideas with one another but, like Fluid, that communication is always subjective and riddled with failures - but we don't stop translating, we only do more and, with this bulk of experiences, we calibrate.

( archival inkjet print, lasercut acrylic, custom software, servo motors)