Deep Play was a site-responsive, participatory installation installed in an alley adjacent to the concert venue for SparkFest. Inspired by a rusty basketball hoop bolted high up on a brick wall, a wide selection of sporting balls (e.g. beach ball, basketball, volleyball, tennis ball, ping pong ball, etc.) were purchased to complete an open air play environment. The title of this work is appropriated from the writings of Diane Ackerman, a writer that expounded on the possibilities of poetic exuberance in open-ended or intense play. Within loosely defined time and space, humans have the potential to find new ways of creativity and expression. Deep Play was an attempt to provide an environment in which this might happen for participants within the context of an experimental arts festival. Deep Play was temporary intervention but can can be ressurected and act as a platform for new events that explore the concepts of Deep Play.

Collaboration with Ben Garthus.

Deep Play was commissioned for Sparkfest 2010, an experimental music and art festival held annually in Minneapolis MN.

documentation of Deep Play in action
overview of full installation
detail of Sphere Rack
detail of installation
Participants inventing games with Deep Play
nighttime aerial detail